Shill Nye, Big Pharma’s Guy, Poisons the World To Benefit Himself

Well what do you know? When speaking about vaccines, Shill Nye – Big Pharma’s Guy –  finally says something truthful. He doesn’t care about you!

Yet he also expects you to poison your own children to protect him! Oh the irony…

The number 1 science crank of the Left has already made plenty of crazy statements, from denying that there are two genders to asking people to have fewer children to stop global warming. He said in a recent LA Times interview that he wants old people to die to advance climate science.

But Nye’s idiocy doesn’t stop there, as that same interview reveals:

And for all the anti-vaxxers out there [in the theater audience], you have to get vaccinated. I don’t care about you. If you go ahead and get sick and die, knock yourself out. The reason I insist you get vaccinated is to protect me from you. Me! You get sick, the virus, the bacteria, mutates inside of you. You are the petri dish of death for the rest of us. Vaccines were discovered in the 17-freaking-hundreds, people. It’s not some new freaking thing! So we push back against that.

Newsflash, Shill Nye: We don’t care about you either! We don’t care about you, we don’t care about your fake show and we don’t care about whoever pays you to spew the lies that come out of your mouth.

If your belief in vaccines were more sincere than your belief in many genders, you’d have enough confidence in them to assume that they worked for you. So take your issue up with the drug companies whenever they stop paying you.

Maybe also take a stand against illegal immigrants bringing these diseases into western civilization. These same folks are also having the big families that you see as such a threat to the climate anyway.

The problem ain’t ours, and we’re sure as hell not gonna poison ourselves to “protect” your lying, narcissistic ass.

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9 Thoughts on “Shill Nye, Big Pharma’s Guy, Poisons the World To Benefit Himself

  1. Doug Troutman on July 23, 2017 at 5:53 pm said:

    This little clown is no scientist. He right up there with Jimmy Kimmel and Penn & Teller.

  2. Cherry Misra on July 24, 2017 at 7:22 pm said:

    Jake- Do you have any evidence that Bill Nye is paid by big pharma? I would be interested. I notice that he is putting up a new argument for trashing non-vaccinating people- that is – the nut cases- by introducing what seems to be a new idea- that anyone who gets sick, is a petrie dish for mutating organisms. I wonder to myself- Is this the latest thing that big pharma has come up with ? Looks like a good line to me: Ramp up the general fear of disease and ramp up public dislike of those who dont vaccinate.

    What I would like to know is this- The United States ought to be the safest place on Earth from the standpoint of communicable disease. They give the most vaccines. Yet every year when I come to the U.S. from India, I hear another sad story about someone- usually young or middle-aged- who has suffered a severe infection and has even been left disabled, permanently, or for some years. Lets say pneumonia, meningitis, kidney infection. Of course they were not disabled by vaccine preventable diseases- There are dozens of diseases that have NO vaccine. Now, I find it odd that I hear these stories in the U.S., where I know, meet rather few people. Back in India, I do not hear these stories, despite my knowing and meeting large numbers of people. And Indians love to talk about sickness, health and their suffering friends and relatives ! – so if these things existed, I would surely hear about them. I suggest a few possibilities- 1. These may be people who have had their immune systems damaged by mercury in flu vaccines (about 80% of flu vaccines would contain mercury-Thimerosal) 2. These may be people who dont get enough vitamins from food and sunlight to have a robust immune system. This is what our public health system should be doing- teaching people to stay healthy. 3. big pharma is distributing organisms in our atmosphere to make us sick. Remember that the Baxter corporation was accused by the Czech republic of putting live flu organisms in flu vaccines. 4 All of the above.
    Im also sorry that nasty people like Bill Nye hate the anti vaxxers so much, when it is our side that is giving up their precious time to try to warn Americans that they are putting their lives and health in danger when they put mercury, aluminium and other foreign substances into their bodies.
    But lets not ramp up the hatred and divisiveness of this country with more nastiness, There are many other ways to respond and let us always use our platforms to educate, whenever possible.
    PS If you have proof that bill nye is paid by big pharma, let us refer to him as Bill Nye, Big pharma’s guy- That’s a good one.

  3. Anonymous on July 25, 2017 at 4:04 am said:

    Oh nos! Snopes the “fact checkers” is hard up for cash, asking for donations now. Them and their unsavoury activities make Fakebook and all media look like a freaking joke.

  4. Compulsory vaccination in Italy and France, mass murder with system? No argument can justify this. Putting something under compulsion into the body of another human being is not only a deliberate bodily injury, it is contrary to international law and clearly as a fascist act. Everyone has the innate right to decide about his life and body himself and freely. Anyone who violates this human right is unmistakably a criminal.
    Or is the human rights revolution merely an empty phrase? Naturally! Every year more than 22 million children (plus not reported), mostly infants, die of the consequences of vaccination. This predominates deaths due to possible epidemics around the tens of thousands. This is legalized mass murder. A large percentage of vaccinated children who do not die directly from the vaccine suffer irreparable nerve and brain damage. The natural immune system is already destroyed in the early development.
    Corresponding scientific examination reports can be requested from us at any time. We work with international scientists, including Nobel laureates. Our joint research has clearly shown that in the areas where the most frequent vaccinations were carried out, the largest number of diseases were recorded against which vaccination was actually carried out. This circumstance was particularly noticeable in measles and influenza vaccinations. The real, deadly epidemic has the name Pharmaindustry! Why does no one examine the actual ingredients of vaccination sera? We have done it internationally. Each vaccine is toxic and contains, among other things, aluminum, mercury, formaldehydes and many chemicals. What do these toxins have in a biological organism?
    For example, these alleged measles epidemics, they are fictitious, which is very easy to detect. But why are these fictitious numbers propagated? The answer is equally simple, profit. The World Health Organization (WHO) is not infrequently helping to spread these invented anxiety reports. By the way, the WHO is directly financed by the pharmaceutical industry, just as easy to prove by means of the annual accounts and the receipt of substantial money sums in the business books. Please think logically about it, if it were not so, would not this powerful industry have already sued us?
    We are an independent, scientific research center that also has a postbox, but so far no prosecution message from a court has found the way into this postbox. Why not? This criminal construct, with all its helpers, shuns the public so much. We always hope for a write from a court to publicly submit all our research results, evidence and insider information, but nothing happens, very unfortunate. We ask every vaccine advocate to provide us with an independent, proven study demonstrating that vaccination does not actually cause any damage to the human organism and that vaccinations have ever prevented a truly existing epidemic.
    In the latter case, of course, it becomes difficult, because a comprehensive epidemic actually existed when? We have been investigations over 5 years in 22 countries, in a total of 12 thousand people. We then expect an investigation of similar magnitude.
    We had sent this request, in the past, to more than 70 institutes, research facilities and the pharmaceutical industry itself. So far, we have not receive had a proven study that proves that vaccinations do something positive and that there are more advantages than disadvantages.
    Whenever the profits for vaccines are declining, the World Health Organization (WHO) announces that, for example, a measles epidemic once again exists. There is no evidence of this, but all people believe this statement. We give you a provable statement: The World Health Organization is paid directly by the pharmaceutical industry. Did you know that? Look better behind the scenes of an incredibly powerful and rich industry. Most people are inclined to believe what the majority says, even if it is wrong. Quit that, think independently and individually, because you are individual and not a mass product.
    Dr. Stefanie Hillinger
    Independent Research Center of the Dayeng Foundation.

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