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Lynette Barron Pockets $2000 From Paul Offit to Pay for Her Legal Bills

Lynette Barron can be seen in the right photo on the far left, Facebook

In a GoFundMe campaign she started the week before her interview with Del Bigtree, Lynette Barron pocketed a $2000 donation from Paul Offit to cover her legal bills. The donation was just made yesterday following Barron’s glowing portrayal of Offit as someone who cares about children in her Thursday appearance on Bigtree’s show. The close timing of Barron’s GoFundMe campaign, followed by her interview with Bigtree and then Offit’s contribution raises serious questions about Barron’s motives.

She has already been caught calling a severely autistic man’s mother, who appeared with her son in the documentary Vaxxed, a “token African American.” Barron’s only response to the revelation has been that it is “false news,” even though there is a screenshot of her message to prove it.

GoFundMe itself is already in the pocket of GlaxoSmithKline. The crowd-funding site has already pledged to remove “anti-vaxxer” campaigns. Even before that, the site gave a $1000 donation to vaccine troll Craig Egan so he could follow and protest the Vaxxed tour bus.

Lynette Barron’s use of GoFundMe to receive thousands of dollars from Paul Offit should make everyone suspicious of Barron’s motivations. Allowing Offit to christen her the spokeswoman for anti-vaccinationists and vaccine skeptics would be terminally stupid.

Give Big Pharma Troll Craig Egan A Piece of Your Vaccine Injury Story!

Craig Egan is the big pharma troll protesting the Vaxxed tour bus. So why are parents of vaccine-injured children who show up at tour stops to tell their stories giving him food? He doesn’t need more food, he needs a reminder that the stories he shows up to belittle are real.

Parents should have something ready to give to Egan at the Vaxxed bus, like a photo of their sick child, to remind him of who and what he’s protesting. A photo would be the most obvious thing, though not the only thing that could be given to him.

Such items could also include a soiled adult diaper, stitches that were in your child’s head after he bashed his head through a window, broken glass, a chipped tooth, an anti-seizure medication bottle – the list is endless!

The fact is that Egan doesn’t go to tour stops to listen to parents’ stories. He doesn’t go there to debate. He only goes there to protest against people who were harmed by vaccines that show up to tell their stories. He’s not going to watch the videotaped stories posted online, so bring the stories to him. 

It’s not going to be done by giving him french fries or candy. If there’s one thing to know about a troll, it’s that you won’t defeat him with kindness. You defeat a troll by getting him at his own game: by trolling the troll. So give Craig Egan a piece of your story that he doesn’t want anyone to hear, especially himself.