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NATO Troll and Teenage PR Prop Team Up to Push Internet Censorship

Group selfie including troll Jessikka Aro and prop Ethan Lindenberger, Credit: Oscar Soria

Vaccine mandates are a very serious threat, but an even bigger threat than threats to state vaccine exemptions are threats to public conversation about vaccination. That threat is worldwide and is supported by some strange alliances.

A “journalist” with the state-owned Finnish Broadcasting Company named Jessikka Aro has teamed up with teenage vaccine propaganda prop Ethan Lindenberger. They united under the banner of a global activist group called Avaaz, which operates under a weird mix of politically progressive and militarily interventionist agendas. They have now petitioned major tech companies to censor conversations about certain issues on social media, citing “harassment.”

Jessikka Aro is known for her work exposing “Russian trolls” who allegedly create fake social media accounts. They presumably work out of Saint Petersburg, a city that was devastated by a horrific siege laid by Finland and Nazi Germany. Of course, GlaxoSmithKline uses trolls too. The fact that trolls are used to push agendas on the internet is nothing groundbreaking.

The difference is that the “Russian troll” narrative serves the agenda of those who want to deny the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election. The architect of that lie is James Clapper, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence who Edward Snowden previously blew the whistle on for lying to Congress about mass surveillance of Americans. Snowden now lives in Moscow where he has sought asylum. No wonder Clapper hates Russia.

The troll narrative also serves an agenda behind the denial of the 2016 election results: expansion of the Cold War-era NATO alliance and military intervention around the world. Avaaz notably supported NATO intervention in Libya as well as mass unrest in Syria; we all know how that ended…

Interestingly, Jessikka Aro’s “work” to expose Russian trolls began in 2014 just months after Finland signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with NATO. The memorandum was signed just after Russia and NATO broke relations. Since then, major political parties in Finland’s government have adopted platforms of support for the country’s membership of NATO. Yet polls show Finlanders overwhelmingly oppose NATO entry, and why wouldn’t they? Who wants a buildup of Russian troops on your country’s border, especially given Finland’s history of war with Russia?

Though the Finnish public does not support NATO membership, powerful Finnish political parties that govern Aro’s employer do. Finnish entry into NATO would triple the length of Russia’s border with NATO countries, bringing all NATO countries into greater confrontation with Russia including the United States. Ethan Lindenberger is now a propaganda prop for more than one agenda detrimental to American interests.

Vox is right: NATO is a vaccine…with horrible side-effects.

Credit: SETA

In an attack on President Trump, socialist website Vox favorably quoted a tweet saying, “NATO is the vaccine of American foreign policy.” Vox is so obsessed with defending the doomed vaccine program, the site even found a way to connect that to Russia. Just look at the subtitle:

Trump is an anti-vaxxer. He treats foreign policy with the same ignorance and misplaced confidence he brings to vaccine science.

Obviously and unfortunately, Trump is not an anti-vaxxer. He is right about Russia, however. Why should anyone even care?

Some Russians were just indicted, but they’ll never face trial in a U.S. court. Obama’s architect of the whole Russian interference story has lied to our elected representatives that millions of Americans weren’t being spied on when we were. The NSA whistleblower who exposed the intelligence chief for the liar that he is has sought asylum in…you guessed it, Russia! What a coincidence that Russia then gets blamed…

All that aside, the main reason Russia would have for meddling in American affairs is keeping American involvement out of Syria. Works for America. American involvement in Libya and Iraq ended in disaster. Those are the costly side-effects of NATO.

The deputy attorney general who handed down the indictments is the brother of the vaccine chief. Another coincidence…

More and more, the Russia Scare is revealing itself to be a ploy to keep President Trump from draining the swamp he promised he’d drain. Scaring everyone about Russia isn’t going to make America great. After all, that’s the idea.