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Paul Offit’s Favorite Anti-Vaccinationist Called Vaxxed Mother of Vaccine-Injured Son a “Token African American”

Update: The video clip of Sheila Ealey and her son was censored from Vimeo along with all other videos exposing vaccine injury thanks to Chelsea Clinton‘s post-2016 bitterness.

Lynette Barron, who Paul Offit has worked to prop up as the representative of the anti-vaccine movement, called the mother of a vaccine-injured man a “token African American.” Sheila Lewis Ealey and her son Temple were featured in the documentary film Vaxxed: From Cover-up To Catastrophe. As an infant, he accidentally received two MMR vaccinations and is now severely autistic. Watch her talk about the horrific assault on her son below.

Now read Lynette Barron’s text about Sheila Ealey, calling her “your token African American.”

This is who Paul Offit is trying to christen the representative of the vaccine injury community. While Lynette Barron said he cares about children, she called the mother of one of the children he helped poison a “token” for speaking out about what was done to her son.

Also appalling is that Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree has helped Offit prop up Barron by favorably interviewing her and publicly agreeing with her that Offit is a good person. Bigtree has scored a six-figure salary and a platform with a seven-figure budget off the tragedies of children like Ealey’s son. Already, Autism Investigated has denounced him for misreading the 1986 vaccine compensation act and called for him to go away. Now that he’s propped someone up who viciously attacked a mother whose tragedy helped make him rich, his show should be cancelled.