After Terrorist Threat, “Vaccine Diplomat” Peter Hotez Incites More Hatred

Hotez Bill

Peter Hotez with Bill Clinton, whose wife called half of President Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables.” One third of his supporters are vaccine skeptics, who Hotez called a “hate group.” Photo Credit: MicrobeTV

Peter Hotez hates our right to reject vaccinations. Hotez called Americans who do a “hate group” one month after a terrorist threat to mass murder vaccine skeptics. He is in denial of his daughter’s vaccine injury, and thinks he’s above those he represents in a foreign land.

David Gorski of all bloggers helped further prove that Hotez is no diplomat. Just recently, Autism Investigated renewed its call for the State Secretary to fire Hotez from his diplomatic position in Israel for calling vaccine skeptics and anti-vaccinationists a “hate group.” Meanwhile, Gorski couldn’t keep his mouth shut. So he reacted with the below tweet.

Peter Hotez likes Gorski’s tweet.

Peter Hotez proves he doesn’t take his job seriously. He has no respect for the State Department. “Vaccine Diplomacy” as he calls it is an oxymoron. The man thinks many of his own constituents are a “hate group.” Hotez feels the same way about vaccine skeptics in Israel too.

He even wants thugs to “fight” for him. It doesn’t matter to him that there was a recent death threat against vaccine skeptics, including one doctor in particular. After all, Hotez incites such hatred.

Peter Hotez and David Gorski like this tweet too.

Peter Hotez is the wrong person to represent American interests. Yet he does so in a part of the world marred by so much conflict. He’s using the North Korea summit to push vaccine “diplomacy.” That should scare everyone.

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2 Thoughts on “After Terrorist Threat, “Vaccine Diplomat” Peter Hotez Incites More Hatred

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  2. Hans Litten on June 14, 2018 at 9:38 am said:

    Since the very beginning of vaccinations we have been told that they are based on science. But that couldn’t be further away from the truth. Reality is that vaccines are based on folklore, myths, assumptions, wishful thinking and a lot of lies.

    Let’s start with the concept of natural immunity. We all know that if you have had e.g. measles or smallpox once you are protected for life and will never get it again. Right? Wrong. This kind of immunity has never been proven to exist. It’s folklore. Many people get these diseases only once and so this idea developed. And once everyone believed it this idea became fact. But if you ask around you will be surprised how many people have had e.g. measles, chickenpox or whooping cough multiple times. It’s not even rare. And of course most people won’t know that they had it multiple times, for “you already had the measles ten years ago, so it can’t be measles”. This kind of thinking is not limited to doctors’ offices. Most people will believe this.

    Folklore 1 – Science 0

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