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See video of SJW in action for reference

Social Justice Warrior. A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation.Urban Dictionary

There are two paths the autism community could take: end the vaccine-induced autism epidemic at its source as Donald Trump has said he would do as president or live in a perpetual state of victimhood and align with others who do the same. There is a segment of the autism community that already does this, known as the “neurodiversity” movement which claims the problems facing the autism community are solved by fighting the non-existent “ableism” that society heaps on people with autism. Self-styled victims come in many other forms of identity-defined politics: man-hating feminists, cop-killing Black Lives Matter terrorists, illegal immigrants who think they are entitled to amnesty and Muslims who complain about “Islamophobia” and deny that Islam has anything to do with Islamic terrorist attacks. Collectively, these groups are known as “Social Justice Warriors” – abbreviated SJWs. Not only does the Age of Autism blog support Crooked Hillary, it has now gone full SJW.

In a post titled “A Better Way to Make America Great,” contributing editor and autism parent Dan Burns rejects Trump in favor of his own solution of self-victimization for the autism community:

“This year, Ben and I stood in solidarity with Hispanic, Muslim, and gay families: the lonely, frightened, and excluded; the imprisoned and the oppressed. As the autism wars intensify, vaccine injured and mandate resistant families, kicked to the curb by some mainstream media and threatened with apprehension, detainment, and forced vaccination, are feeling excluded, reviled, and oppressed. Families are banding together, starting group homes like The Autism Trust in Austin, Texas. May they find, in solidarity with other victims of ignorance, fear, and hate, that from the wounds of brokenness, healing springs.”

There is nothing wrong with banding together and starting group homes, and certainly nothing wrong with The Autism Trust which has done plenty of great work. However, “healing springs” do not emerge from “wounds of brokenness” by finding “solidarity with other victims”; they emerge by working to make life better for yourself and others. Milo Yiannopoulos – Breitbart Tech editor and British gay conservative Trump supporter – said it best:

“Everybody has bad shit happen to them, and you either use it to turn yourself into a star or you become a victim. And I don’t have time for victims. If you allow the bad things in your life to define you, you will only ever be a parasite.”

The autism community doesn’t have time for victims either. Instead, it should become a star for change by getting out the vote for Donald Trump to Make America Great Again!

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12 Thoughts on “Trump Versus Self-Victimizing Age of Autism Blog

  1. The autism community is lied about and lied to by the media, but the autism community some how believes all the lies the media wants them to think about Trump. It’s sad they are owned by the democRATS /old GOP that will never ever have the balls to stand up to the Vaccine corruption for fear of sounding crazy. Wow this election really shows how autism parents of vaccine injured kids are just like the rest of the sheep—-follow the herd at all cost. Trump may say “mean things” but Hillary and her lobbyist DO BAD THINGS.
    Thank you for this article,
    Non-PC autism mom

    • I think it is much more AoA than the autism community. Under that thread, I count four anti-Trump commenters and 9 pro-Trump commenters. And the life-long Democrats who edit AoA also moderate the comments – I tried leaving one only to be censored. I don’t even know how many others were moderated out. The readers mostly know who to vote for even though they are constantly being misinformed and lied to about the election by AoA. This article certainly won’t change anything; most people don’t want to be parasites. Thank you for commenting.

    • I like to think the autism community has clued in to the fact that playing nice is not how you win. Speaking of nasty I just saw Clinton Cash and those Clintons really are stomach-churning, mind blowingly evil. Big Milo fan here, too.

      • The CDC cover-up started under Bill Clinton’s presidency.

        • Hardly surprising. Those people make me sick. Heh, isn’t Chelsea in some kind of “public health” role?

          • She plays a major role in running the Clinton Foundation.

            • Milo probably wonders what has happened to our youth. Of course a healthy dosage of liberal indoctrination has been occurring over the years. But I wonder if he has any idea how much they have been utterly damaged by medical fascist vaccine agenda?

              • For the autism epidemic, I blame vaccines. But for the campus social justice epidemic, I would blame the professors. John Elder Robison now teaches a neurodiversity course at the College of William & Mary, and he’s never even attended a college. At my alma mater Brandeis, the administration actually apologized for not making a student feel “safe” on campus even after she sent out racist tweets gloating over the murders of two New York City police officers by a Black Lives Matter terrorist. Now feminists at UT are carrying dildos to class to protest campus carry, and the professors just allow it.

                • Ffs, this whole SJW thing is mental and yes, Fakebook and the media in general have such a double standard on what is considered racist or offensive #Zuxit. Neurodiversity is cancer.

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  3. As if people with severe autism aren’t ignored or misrepresented by media, social services, etc…now we see California allows people who eye gouged an autistic young man, get his record expunged so he can go apply to be a caregiver again and abuse more people. Unreal.

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