Vaccine Victim’s Father Trashed Vaccine Industry Watchdog Information

David Salamone (RIP)

Polio vaccine victim David Salamone died on September 7 at age 28. He might have lived longer if his dad actually read the information sent to him by Barbara Loe Fisher’s National Vaccine Information Center.

Instead, John Salamone provided favorable content for credential-faker Paul Offit‘s book Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All. Here is Salamone in his own words on page 81:

“[Barbara Loe Fisher’s group] sends me material and I put it in the circular file.”

“It would be reckless to go out there and attribute certain side effects to a vaccine when they’re not documented by science. Attacking vaccines with bad science and bad information is nothing short of reckless and irresponsible.”

“[Doctors’] response, candidly, was not great. My biggest problem was that when you talked about vaccine injury, you were immediately labeled as anti-vaccine. They wanted to put me in the same category as the Fishers of the world, the organizations that had a broader agenda of reducing if not eliminating many of the vaccines. To the contrary, I was pro- vaccine. But I was pro-vaccine safely. I was knowledgeable enough to know the history that many more people’s children and adults have been saved by vaccines than have ever died from them.”

Hope your son’s death was worth pleasing doctors, John. If only Paul Offit remembered to tweet his condolences.

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11 Thoughts on “Vaccine Victim’s Father Trashed Vaccine Industry Watchdog Information

  1. Fisher’s “A Shot in the Dark” brought the side effects from the whole cell DPT vaccine into public consciousness. We now have a safer version, don’t we? I’m not sure what quarrel John Salamone would have with that.

    “Reckless and irresponsible” is legalese. It’s odd to hear it coming from a parent’s mouth.

  2. Grace Green on September 19, 2018 at 1:32 pm said:

    This story is now also reported in the Washington Post, and is followed by many comments from Pharma trolls.

  3. Hans Scholl on September 20, 2018 at 8:47 am said:

    BBC reporting on the prolific pest called the Cane Toad in Austrailia
    Scientists are sequencing the Toads genome to find ways to euthanize it.

    And the Turnbulls have been working on the human problem in Oz.

  4. Hans Litten on September 20, 2018 at 12:27 pm said:

    Vaccination Scandals:

    1. Infected African Green Monkey Kidney Vero Cells Foreign animal species viruses sv40 (Maurice Hilleman) – cancer
    2. Deadly Porcine (Pig) Virus called Circovirus (in highly experimental Rotavirus jab – Offit) – cancer
    3. Fetal Cells from Human Abortions RNA\DNA fragments (readily recombines with a childs own stem cells Dr. Theresa Deisher – cancer
    4. Peanut Oil (the main cause of childhood severe peanut allergies – anaphylactic shock)
    5. Latex (some syringes are poked through latex vial stoppers, hence severe childhood latex allergies )
    6. FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye (why do we need vaccines to be colorful? – autism, alzheimers)
    7. Squalene (main cause of auto-immune disorder) MF59 squalene – Gulf War syndrome
    8. Over 50 Parts Per Million of Ethyl Mercury (still found in certain flu shots & trace amounts elsewhere – toxic and nanograms 1948 Dr Frank Engley autism, alzheimers)
    9. Genetically Modified DNA from other Humans (foreign proteins cause unnatural immune reactions)
    10.Polysorbate80 opens that Blood Brain Barrier and lets the poison right in
    11. Retroviruses XMRV – ME, Lyme
    12.The Gatti contaminants (all sorts of foreign contaminants, Tungsten, Titanium, Zirconium, Silicon, Chlorine etc)
    13. Mycoplasmas Aids ? Gardasil ? mass Sterilisation ?
    14. Formaldehyde – leukemia being censored with the FDA right now
    15. Glyphosate contamination in vaccinations (Samsel-Seneff) cancer
    16. MSG in vaccination – as a stabilizer (An Excitotoxin Like Aspartame)
    17. L-Histidine used in the maintenance of the myelin sheaths which protect the nerve cells (causing an auto immune reaction in vaccine – MS, Gardasil syndrome)
    18. hCG in laced Tetanus vaccination in Kenya 2015, Phillipines 1995, Mexico 1974 , Nigeria, Mexico, Nicaragua (sterilisation)
    19. & aluminium salt adjuvants (found in the brain specimens of both autistic, alzheimer & MS sufferers)
    20. The cancer or kill signaller nagalase and all the rumours surrounding that.

    Roll call of SHAME @ the cdc :

    1. Tom Frieden – sexual misconduct (court appearance in the offing ?)
    2. Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald – insider dealing (nicotine patches)
    3. Dr. Robert Redfield – HIV vaccine faking the results
    4. Diane Schendel – potentially,probably involved in financial misconduct & fake Danish study
    5. Poul Thoresen – potentially,probably involved in financial misconduct & fake Danish study
    6. Colon Boil – Agent Orange cover-up
    7. Julie Gerberding – The mmr-autism vaccine cover up (silencing of William Thompson)
    8. Frank DeStefano – The mmr-autism vaccine cover up (silencing of William Thompson)
    9. Colon Boil again – The mmr-autism vaccine cover up (silencing of William Thompson)
    10. Julie Gerberding again – Admitting Hannah Polling was vaccine injured on CNN , kind of
    11. Plotkins admission under oath of vaccine experimentation on disabled children, orphans, and children of inmates (Plotkin is Offits mentor\sponsor)
    12. The televised blatant lies of Rear Admiral Dr Anne Schuchat & Pochantas broadcast to attempt to offset the William Thompson fallout

    Bernadine Healy – first woman head of the CDC and practically a patron saint next to this lot.

    Leading Heroes in our Vaccine Truth Movment :

    1. Laura Hayes
    2. Mike Adams
    3. Boyd Hayley
    4. Russell Blaylock
    5. Chris Exley (might be number 1 haha but don’t want to embarrass him)
    6. Henri Joyeux (French)
    7. Sheri Tennpenny
    8. Tanya Okunuych
    9. Christine England
    10. Kent Heckenlivey
    11. Polly Tommey
    12. Judy Mikovits
    13. Stephanie Seneff
    14. Wolfson
    15. Jake Crosby (just for the first man to front Offit out)
    16. Suzanne Humphries
    17. RFK
    18. Del Bigtree (the last episode was appalling, I hope they haven’t got to you Del ?)
    19. Roman K ?
    20. Archie Kalokernikos RIP
    21. Bernadine Healey RIP
    22. Bernard Rimland RIP
    23. Dr Sin Hang Lee
    24. William Thompson
    25. The mumps whistleblowers Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski
    26. Dr Jeff Bradstreet And all those involved in the gcMaf
    27. Brett Wilcox
    28. Luc Montagnier
    29. Andrew Moulden RIP

  5. Hans Litten on September 20, 2018 at 6:11 pm said:

    Honored to make your list, Hans.

    You should be. Looks at the titans of science on there ! Look at those legends

    However none of those were able to get under the skin of that scoundrel Offit like you were ! One of lifes great moments was when you got asked to leave for simply having a few unanswerable questions for THAT MAN !

    (I have to mention the wonderful Josh Coleman at this point who has of course followed on from your lead.)

  6. Hans Litten on September 20, 2018 at 6:15 pm said:

    My list is missing loads , its a work in progress.

    Dengaxia sanofi scandal
    India NPAFP

    Jacob Pulliyel has to make the list for sure …..wonderful man

  7. Andrew Wakefield?

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