Video: Dan Olmsted Brags About Supporting Kathleen Seidel

By Jake Crosby

Watch the video above to see Age of Autism editor Dan Olmsted brag about supporting Kathleen Seidel, a blogger with a track record of trying to cause trouble for people who advocate against the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal. She generally stirs up trouble with their state’s medical board, a federal agency or their employer. As Olmsted said in the video taken at AutismOne in 2008, Seidel even tried to get him fired – having complained about him to his old employer, UPI.

That, however, didn’t stop him and “Evidence of Harm” author David Kirby from supporting her at the request of pharma-tied “Science”Blogger David Gorski when she was subpoenaed by the attorney for Lisa Sykes – mother of a vaccine-injured child. Sykes was suing several drug firms for harm caused by thimerosal. Olmsted and Kirby cosigned a letter of support for Seidel condemning the subpoena, citing “free speech.” Olmsted, incidentally, concealed the letter from Age of Autism’s general readership. It only ran on Gorski’s blog.

Following the appearance of the Kirby-Olmsted letter, Seidel received a free legal defense, the parents dropped their lawsuit and their lawyer was professionally sanctioned. In the video, Olmsted essentially called Seidel a journalist by equating her blogging with what he did “as a journalist.” Olmsted says all this while sharing a panel with a Chicago Tribune reporter. The following year, the Chicago Tribune would begin a series of hit pieces against scientists and parents opposed to thimerosal – including Olmsted’s managing editor Kim Stagliano – using Seidel’s own talking points.

For further background, please read: How Dan Olmsted and David Kirby Helped Kill a Landmark Autism Lawsuit. I also discussed the video in my talk at this year’s AutismOne conference.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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39 Thoughts on “Video: Dan Olmsted Brags About Supporting Kathleen Seidel

  1. Doug Troutman on July 17, 2014 at 1:46 am said:

    Dan really looks bad on this video. How does Seidel get free legal support? Why do medical boards listen to her? She appears as a person the government/pharma made up. It is a shame Dave & Dan chose to support a hack instead of a Thimerosal injured child. One has to question what side are these guys on.

    • Incredibly, she was being supported by the “First Amendment Team” of a consumer advocacy group called Public Citizen, whose Health Research Center director/co-founder Dr. Sidney Wolfe knows Olmsted personally. The Tim Bolen piece I hyperlink to gives some insight into the medical board issue.

      David Kirby seems to have just used thimerosal to launch his book career. Fortunately, we haven’t heard from him in awhile; one has to wonder if he will ever revisit vaccines again. Dan Olmsted, meanwhile, makes a steady income editing Age of Autism and is very close to one highly suspected infiltrator. So we’ll probably have to put up with Olmsted for a few more years.

  2. beans and weenies on July 17, 2014 at 2:26 am said:

    Such a tool. I thought Kathleen bragged about representing herself. She apparently had help?

  3. White Rose on July 17, 2014 at 9:00 am said:

    AoA , outed for what it is , a 100% wholly owned Pharmaceutical subsidiary .

    John Dan Stone – any comment ? pls
    Any of you at AoA care to defend yourselves ?
    Do you receive a salary for your work ?
    Ginger, Dan Burns , anyone brave enough to talk about it ?
    Dan Olmsted – why are you involved in Autism at all ?
    Blaxill ?
    Anyone ?
    Defend yourselves ! if you can .

  4. Media Scholar on July 17, 2014 at 5:17 pm said:

    Are we still talking about this?

    She was debunked a long time ago.

    “…We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures. …”

    If this so called journalist couldn’t find and alert the general public to the facts surrounding the thousands and thousands of similar claims before the vaccine court, it simply means she is arrogant and vindictive. She most likely knows all about the numerous vaccine court payouts for vaccine-induced negative neurological outcomes from day one, and was so hell-bent to conceal them she found the best way was to perfectly ignore the vaccine court history of payouts for Autism and practice the art of personal destruction.

    By harassing and intimidating these parents and the health providers willing to speak up in the names of these vaccine-injured children, she won nothing more than a life-long curse of infamy as a belligerent, diabolical predatory tormentor of America’s most vulnerable children.

    Unfortunately, some lack the nose to smell their own rottenness.

  5. SafeMinds reports that the NIH is doing a vaccinated vs. partially-vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study but they were not privy to any details. It brought to mind a suitable headline: “Detective Fox Assigned to Investigate Henhouse Breakin.”

    • And yet last year it was SafeMinds pushing for a congressional bill that would mandate NIH carry out such a study.

      • I am curious as to just how the NIH will manipulate the study to come up with the result they desire.

        • Media Scholar on July 21, 2014 at 5:37 pm said:

          How about finding some obscure island known for fish consumption; catch a few whoppers, donate the uneaten skeletons to a government lab known for screwing up Hg analysis, then sit back with a toothpick for six months watching nothing happen?

          Every science blogger on planet earth will then have another useless study to point at in order to claim mercury is soooo harmless.

  6. Media Scholar on July 25, 2014 at 7:38 am said:

    Don’t look now…Sharyl Attkisson has paced herself to cover the back of poor, poor Dan Olmsted, described as a fellow journalist bashed and battled by those vaccine-manufacturing drug company dogs.

    I see that Attkisson takes the time to misrepresent the slaughter that took place at ‘House that Merck Built’.

    “…Meantime, the government was secretly conceding and paying cases of vaccine-injured children who ended up with autism and had their cases heard in federal vaccine court. …”

    While on the surface this tends to suggest that the thousands of vaccine-injury cases involving Thimerosal, the ethyl-mercury substance in infant and toddler vaccines Americans had been hearing about in the news were secretly paid out, nothing is actually further from the truth.

    Not long after the Autism Omnibus ‘test’ cases were thrown out directly as a result of vaccine industry henchman Brian Deer’s warmed up allegations against Andrew Wakefield , the US Department of Justice attorneys went to town on other Autism cases with the cooperative assistance of VICA plaintiff lawyers.

    Parents, who believed that their plaintiff lawyer(s) would continue to fight for their vaccine-injured child discovered that the lawyer they thought was on their child’s side no longer cared about their child and were simply failing to properly handle cases knowing how to please the court. Many were paid for never physically touching individual medical files until the special master(s) asked them to assist in throwing all the cases out.

    Attkisson may have really-really innocently screwed up her time-line (only Hannah Poling and Bailey Banks have been compensated for Autism). It’s possible she was confused about the HHS people disclosing that in the life-time of vaccine court some 97 cases (if I recall it right) compensated for Autistic symptoms emerging some time after vaccination(s). But honestly, she does seem to deliberately falsely portray what’s happened to the five thousand cases.

    That’s troubling because she was the one who gave the impression of unbiased reporting. Yet during an interview with defrocked Autism researcher Andrew Wakefield she flippantly and intentionally disregarded the impact of a study on negative neurological outcomes witnessed during a clinical study of the Hep B vaccine birth dose.

    In essence, Attikisson played dumb to the fact that the study should have enormous impact on vaccine injury compensation cases. Instead she declines to apportion the study correctly as it was clear in her mind that this likely relates directly to proving vaccines with ethyl-mercury permanently harmed thousands and thousands of newborns who received them. She shrugs this off as if our children are the refuse of the past, something relating to the past, just as all the other so called journalists protective of the vaccine-manufacturing drug giants do.

    In other words, Attkisson addresses Wakefield in the same manner the vaccine industry always does…”that was then, but we know so much more now”.

    Wasn’t this why vaccine court was invented? Wasn’t vaccine court invented because somebody saw that vaccine-injured infants and toddlers are always treated as nothing more than the refuse of the past by the journalists and vaccine makers alike?

    Perhaps Attkisson is the cruelest of them all, as her poison tends to carry an undetectability due to its latency much like Thimerosal itself.

  7. At least 150 bloggers came out in support of Seidel at the time, 2008. One blogger supported the lawyer who was trying to sue her.

    • Media Scholar on July 26, 2014 at 3:59 am said:


      You mean the mentally-conditioned pseudo-scientific channelers of vaccine-manufacturing financial mirth and mass illness?

      If they’re on the clock when they write, the material becomes the responsibility of their employer.

      The illegal combination grows and grows.

  8. Media Scholar on July 27, 2014 at 1:39 am said:

    At least 150 bloggers came out in support of Seidel
    Boy, are they looking stupid now.

    • That support is what made Seidel seem credible so that her libel could be used by the State of Maryland to strip Dr Geier’s license. Of course, anonymous weasels who refuse to identify themselves like to pretend that they’re too stupid to understand this.

  9. No, I mean people who graduated third grade and have heard of PUBLIC OPINION. I seem to be the only one in the autism community who went that far in school.

    • Media Scholar on July 29, 2014 at 3:35 am said:


      Look at it this way.

      What are we supposed to think?

      On one hand, we have a “Autism geneticist” not thinking twice about tinkering around with chemical vasectomy drugs on vaccine-injured children, and, on the other hand, foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug companies forcible pushing up small American girls with a vaccine that causes premature ovarian failure.

      Then there’s that third hand. That one belongs to the US government, of course, and, I’d say, most guys are warned before a full physical examination about that.

      This just in to our news room….good old vaccine industry shill…er…journalist Maggie Fox has wormed her way into NBC NEWS. She’s there right now claiming that all death and destruction by Ebola is “just a plane arrival away”.

      She’s the one that referred to the University of Calgary “How Mercury Cause Brain Neuron Degeneration” visual report as ‘that video thingy’ Dan Burton uses to show what mercury does to brain cells.

      I mean, come on! Just stop vaccinating!

      • Unbelievable, no wonder you hide like a weasel. You can’t chemically castrate someone who hasn’t yet reached puberty. You and Kathleen Seidel know that though.

        • John, I totally agree with you about Dr. Geier.

          That said, don’t attack other readers; none of them have been attacking you. People have every right to comment here anonymously if they want, yourself included.

        • Media Scholar on July 31, 2014 at 12:06 pm said:

          You can’t chemically castrate someone who hasn’t yet reached puberty.
          Actually Geier claims that the children he was tinkering with have, indeed, reached puberty albeit precociously.

          According to wikipedia, “In medicine, precocious puberty is puberty occurring at an unusually early age. In most of these children, the process is normal in every respect except the unusually early age, and simply represents a variation of normal development. In a minority of children, the early development is triggered by a disease such as a tumor or injury of the brain.”

  10. This Media Scholar personna knows all the arguments that Kathleen Seidel presented, uses the CIA managed Wikipedia as a source but pretends not to understand the value of public opinion and is adept at evading questions about this. Real people who were thankful that Dr Geier helped to cure autism don’t present arguments that undercut the benefits he provided to children. Only trolls do things like that.

    • John, you’re forgetting that the same person who turned the omnibus attorneys against Dr. Geier in the very case he acted as an expert witness both edits and sponsors Age of Autism. When Dr. Geier’s medical license was suspended, Age of Autism wouldn’t put anything supportive out because none of its sponsors asked for it. Clearly, a lot of people have been misled about Dr. Geier not just by Kathleen Seidel, but by someone purporting to be on our side. That’s who deserves to be categorized with Kathleen Seidel, not everyone who’s been misled about Dr. Geier

    • Media Scholar on August 1, 2014 at 5:02 pm said:

      John Best,

      You are being a all or nothing blind dope. Knock it off.

      Thimerosal exposure & increasing trends of premature puberty in the vaccine safety datalink.
      Geier DA1, Young HA, Geier MR.

      Clearly the Geiers contend that they were using Lupron (a chemical castration drug) on Autistic kids under the guise of precocious puberty.

      You do recall Andy Cutler, don’t you?

      • But Dr. Geier was treating children with autism for precocious puberty, which is what he used it for; Dr. Cutler may disagree on why the drug improves autism symptoms, but didn’t dispute that it works.

        • Media Scholar on August 2, 2014 at 8:09 am said:

          I actually voiced support for the Geiers under the impression that they were administering the drug for cases of children where it would be a last ditched effort to curtail their violent, aggressive behaviors which put them at appreciable risk of institutionalization.

          Sterilizing a child or running that risk in any other case is unacceptable. That’s something Hitler would do.

          This all came about as John Best was claiming it’s impossible to chemically castrate a child who had not reached puberty, BTW.

          To use the Bernard Rimland way of thinking, Autism is NOT caused by a deficiency of Lupron.

          • Aggressive or not, if these patients have precocious puberty then Lupron would be clinically indicated anyway. To categorize that as “Sterilizing” and comparing it to Hitler is just absurd, not to mention offensive to Holocaust victims.

            I think that John Best’s point is that describing treatment of a six year old child with Lupron for example as “chemical castration” is essentially implying that children at that age should be able to have sex, which is just absurd.

            Last I checked, Dr. Rimland made no such statements about Lupron, and I doubt any synthetic drug is prescribed on the logic that patients have a “deficiency” of it.

            • The logic of these trolls is priceless. Is any autistic kid who is at risk of being asylumized ever going to have sex? Do they have to keep using Lupron to remove the testosterone because the testosterone keeps replenishing itself?
              Then, the trolls never ask the key question about whether the kids improve from the treatments. The answer is: “They do”.
              This is the kind of faulty logic and plain old dishonesty Seidel used all the time. Does anyone know why her neuronitwit blog is no longer on the internet?

              • That’s what I’m wondering.

                I can only imagine that her habit of causing trouble for people simply because they disagree must have come back to her somehow – only this time Olmsy and Kirby didn’t come to her rescue as they did in ’08.

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  12. How do you know this Media Scholar personna isn’t Mark Blaxill? I thought I had learned to stop arguing with these phony people. I’m done with this one unless it tells me who it is.

  13. As all of us know who read Kathleen Seidel’s character assassination of the Geiers, part of the reason she was bashing them was because she thought the Geiers were circumventing insurance regulations to arrange payments for the very expensive Lupron. If they were doing that, I salute them and I said so at the time. If this was the case, it certainly negates the idiotic chemical castration propaganda that was spouted.
    Did they break regulations to help people pay for the treatment? I don’t know that answer. So what if they did.

    • Given her track record of trying to cause people trouble for simply disagreeing with her, I’d say she probably made that up as she’s typically done.

      It’s funny to see her go after Dr. Geier for trying to spare his patients’ caregivers from out-of-pocket expenses. Meanwhile, she talks of wanting to cry over all the money they spend on treatments from out-of-pocket. What a joke.

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