Vox is right: NATO is a vaccine…with horrible side-effects.

Credit: SETA

In an attack on President Trump, socialist website Vox favorably quoted a tweet saying, “NATO is the vaccine of American foreign policy.” Vox is so obsessed with defending the doomed vaccine program, the site even found a way to connect that to Russia. Just look at the subtitle:

Trump is an anti-vaxxer. He treats foreign policy with the same ignorance and misplaced confidence he brings to vaccine science.

Obviously and unfortunately, Trump is not an anti-vaxxer. He is right about Russia, however. Why should anyone even care?

Some Russians were just indicted, but they’ll never face trial in a U.S. court. Obama’s architect of the whole Russian interference story has lied to our elected representatives that millions of Americans weren’t being spied on when we were. The NSA whistleblower who exposed the intelligence chief for the liar that he is has sought asylum in…you guessed it, Russia! What a coincidence that Russia then gets blamed…

All that aside, the main reason Russia would have for meddling in American affairs is keeping American involvement out of Syria. Works for America. American involvement in Libya and Iraq ended in disaster. Those are the costly side-effects of NATO.

The deputy attorney general who handed down the indictments is the brother of the vaccine chief. Another coincidence…

More and more, the Russia Scare is revealing itself to be a ploy to keep President Trump from draining the swamp he promised he’d drain. Scaring everyone about Russia isn’t going to make America great. After all, that’s the idea.

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5 Thoughts on “Vox is right: NATO is a vaccine…with horrible side-effects.

  1. Grace Green on July 18, 2018 at 10:43 am said:

    Your headline is exactly right. And to put it the other way round, vaccines are biological weapons.

  2. Hans Litten on July 18, 2018 at 2:43 pm said:

    Vaccines are so good they are having to threaten this in Oman now :


    Vaccinate your child or face jail term and fine
     17/07/2018 Zainab Al Nasseri

    Muscat, July 17 – Parents/guardians who “deliberately do not fulfil obligations” vis-à-vis vaccination of their child will face imprisonment as well as fine, according to Article 19 of the Child Law. The law was issued as per Royal Decree No 22/2014, entitling every child in the Sultanate to convenient life standards that fulfil his physical, mental, psychological and social needs. Parents/guardians shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not less than three months and not more than three years and a fine of not less than RO 100 and not more than RO 500 or one of these penalties. Penalty will be a fine if it has occurred due to negligence.

    Failure to comply with vaccination of the child as per the Ministry of Health’s regulations makes parents “legally accountable”, says the Article. Every child has the right to get vaccinated against infectious diseases in government hospitals free of charge as well as in private institutions licensed by the ministry. Parents should be committed to immunise their children as per regulations and dates prescribed by the ministry. These institutions must register details of the vaccination in the child’s health card.

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