Whistleblower Confirms Wakefield Outed Him Without Permission

Whistleblower Betrayal

Editor’s Note: The moratorium on the whistleblower’s identity here has now been lifted.

By Jake Crosby

Despite denying it in the comments here, Andrew Wakefield has released the identity of a whistleblower from CDC without his permission according to a statement from the whistleblower himself. In that statement released today and reproduced below, CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson confirms he had no choice over publicizing his name or recordings of his voice and was not even aware he was being recorded (fifth paragraph boldface mine):



My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where I have worked since 1998.

I regret my co-authors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data was collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by their individual and societal benefits.

My concern has been the decision to omit relevant findings in a particular study for a particular sub-group for a particular vaccine. There have always been recognized risks for vaccination and I believe it is the responsibility of the CDC to properly convey the risks associated with the receipt of those vaccines.

I have had many discussions with Dr. Brian Hooker over the last 10 months regarding studies the CDC has carried out regarding vaccines and neurodevelopmental outcomes including autism spectrum disorders. I share his belief that CDC decision-making analyses should be transparent. I was not, however, aware that he was recording any of our conversations, nor was I given any choice regarding whether my name would be made public or my voice would be put on the Internet.

I am grateful for the many supportive emails that I have received over the last several days. I will not be answering questions at this time. I am providing information to Congressman William Posey, and of course will continue to cooperate with Congress. I have also offered to assist with reanalysis of the study data of development of further studies. For the time being, however, I am focused on my job and my family.

Reasonable scientists can and do differ in their interpretation of information. I will do everything I can to assist any unbiased and objective scientists outside of the CDC to analyze data collected by the CDC or other public organizations for the purpose of understanding whether vaccines are associated with an increased risk of autism. There are still more questions than answers, and I appreciate that so many families are looking for answers from the scientific community.

My colleagues and supervisors at the CDC have been entirely professional since this matter became public. In fact, I received a performance-based award after this story came out. I have experienced no pressure or retaliation and certainly was not escorted out of the building as some have stated.

Dr. Thompson is represented by Frederick M. Morgan, Jr., Morgan Verkamp, LLC, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Andrew Wakefield did not just betray the CDC whistleblower. I too was betrayed by Wakefield since he lied to me directly here that he had obtained permission from Dr. Thompson when he had not.

Shame on you, Andy.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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61 Thoughts on “Whistleblower Confirms Wakefield Outed Him Without Permission

  1. I eagerly await Andrew Wakefield’s response here, given that he proactively advanced the position that Thompson didn’t deserve anonymity anyway. As a perplexing addendum to his flatly asserting that he had personally received permission to start with.

  2. Marsha on August 28, 2014 at 12:23 am said:

    So what! Children’s lives are at risk. That trumps all!

  3. It sounds like Dr. Hooker also recorded him without his permission. I personally am grateful for both of these men. Unless, you can prove that there is another way to have done this then best you let it be,

    • Unless, you can prove that there is another way to have done this then best you let it be

      Prove? I’d think that if someone wanted his name in the news over such a disclosure, he’d go to a lawyer first and then approach a reputable news outlet.

      This seems like a better plan than having one’s phone calls taped, name leaked, and then having to hire a lawyer.

  4. Dr. Wakefield said that Dr. Thompson told him to do what he, Wakefield, thought best with the video. So at worst it’s “he said, he said.” (Maybe it should be “he said, they said” because it sounds like Thompson is letting a law firm do his talking.)

    Furthermore, I know that one man is a truth-teller (because I do check) and one man is a human marshmallow who traded his conscience for a sinecure.

  5. WIT2202221 on August 28, 2014 at 1:44 am said:

    Wow, the lack of comments on here is astounding!
    All of those who wrote hateful things on your previous blog are now eating crow…and have nothing to say, apparently.

    • Well one thing’s for sure. When Dorit the rabid industry dog gives you a complement, it’s kind of like a lightening bolt from God saying you’re on the wrong track here.

  6. I’m very grateful to you, Jake, for your courage. I think you’ve opened quite a few eyes to what Wakefield has done.

  7. This letter is lawyer fabricated CYOA for Thompson. He isn’t going to admit that he gave permission because then he can’t claim to his CDC friends that this was just a drunken night with pals where he blurted out some stuff thinking it was a private conversation.

    What really happened wouldn’t be permitted in a lawyer sanitized CDC approved statement.
    The letter supporting continued vaccination seems contrary to Thompson’s recordings. It sounds like his lawyer wrote it and I no doubt he did. That is what you pay them to do.

    NSA has no problem listening in on average citizens phone calls and reading their emails so no reason anyone should expect privacy when admitting to a crime. After all Andrew or Brian are not clergy so there was no expectation of this being kept under wraps.

    I am grateful to both men also for saying something. Maybe there was a better way to get it out there, but maybe there wasn’t. Any sort of organized confession would have alerted the CDC before it went out and they would have run interference to block it. IMO.

    • I detect the same aroma from this letter. Thompson is having second thoughts. Perhaps he has realized that he too might be in the legal crosshairs along with the co-conspirators he has outed. He may be suffering from a syndrome known as “regret without repentance.”

  8. Dorit Reiss on August 28, 2014 at 4:19 am said:

    We probably agree pretty much on anything else, but I have to admire someone with the courage to call out wrongdoing by someone on their own side.

    • Again, no one cares what you think. It’s quite obvious that you are hell bent to protect industry.

      • @Jen – stop being a hypocrite. If Hooker recorded Dr. Thompson’s conversations without his permission, then he committed a CRIME. There are laws against this & at minimum, Hooker has broken them.

        Wakefield, on the other hand, may not have “technically” broken the law (though I need to review the relevant statutes) but he is definitely on the hook for a civil suit, if Dr. Thompson so desires – as is Hooker at this point.

        You claim that the vaccine program is an “ends justify the means” situation – and you feel that is bad and wrong….well, here is a situation where you are now claiming “the ends justify the means” – which in this case, is breaking actual laws…..perhaps you should reevaluate your criteria.

        At the end of the day, Jake was right – Wakefield blatantly lied & will now perhaps suffer some real consequences for his actions – but Hooker is also in pretty deep trouble as well.

        • Wow, Lawrence/Nogood, thats some case of cognitive dissonance you got going. Too bad there’s no vaccine or pill for that. The fact that a top CDC scientist admitted problems with studies so severe that he would say, “I can’t believe what we did,” “I’ve basically stopped lying,” “I would never give my pregnant wife a flu shot with thim…” and you just gloss right over that. Not surprising, though.
          Thank God this came to light, in any manner and as far as Thompson’s safety, I’m pretty sure he knows it’s a dance that isn’t exactly comfortable for Thompson right now. His letter reads like something out of a B movie.

          • @Jen – then perhaps you’d be able to convince Hooker to release the entirety of the recording, instead of highly-edited snippets?

            I’ve seen audio-chopping of Rick-rolls on YouTube that are less edited than those recordings….

          • Wow, Lawrence/Nogood*….

            Jen, what did these videos really accomplish? (I include both, because it obviously wasn’t DeStefano.) Here’s what I’ve got:

            1. Drawing scrutiny to Brian Hooker’s paper sufficient to make it into Retraction Watch.

            2. Making it an absolute certainty that nobody will ever speak in confidence to anybody associated with Andrew Wakefield.

            For what? A little bit of (bad) publicity for Wakefield, some excitement for AoA, a “Twitter party,” and… what? Some fantasy of a Posey spectacle casting light on MMR’s not causing autism unless administered to Black children in the MADDSP catchment area born during the years 1991–1994?

            In exchange for both killing the Golden Goose and alchemically turning the egg into lead? Doesn’t seem like much of a bargain, if you ask me.

        • @Larry said:
          > If Hooker recorded Dr. Thompson’s conversations without his permission, then he
          >committed a CRIME.

          Ummm, no.

          If he recorded the conversation in a 1-party consent state, there was no crime committed.

          If he recorded in a 2-party consent state, there may have been a crime committed.

          These sites are helpful on the issue



          Oh . . . and Larry . . . please do try to keep your caps lock under control.

          • Anti-Vax people are the last people to complain about CAPS LOCK.

            California, btw, is a two-person permission state…which is where Hooker does his work.

            Chew on that for a bit.

            • Bayareamom on August 30, 2014 at 10:52 pm said:

              Yes, California is a two person consent state, but Georgia isn’t, which is where it’s speculated Thompson was located during that call.

      • Again, no one cares what you think.

        Hey, Jen, do you have any more second-hand updates from Rappoport? Remember when you asserted that outing Thompson was important for his “safety”?

        • Sam Hall on August 29, 2014 at 6:14 am said:

          Narad, when you have actual valuable contributions to make come along back until then best to shhhhh a little. I am sure there are others who would appreciate your chat we here ‘YAWN’…… not so much

          • @Sam – it doesn’t seem that anyone here but Jake seems to be getting the story straight….certainly not the people who were claiming that Thompson had been fired & escorted off the CDC grounds, etc.

            It seems that the more and more that the folks at AoA or TMR report, the less truthful about the situation they get.

            I’ll give this one to Jake – he called it right about Wakefield from day one of this farce. Again, good for him.

    • Yeah, because you’re a real expert on that.

      I agree with Jen, no one here cares what you think. Go away, and take Larry/Lawrence/Narad…. with you.

    • There goes the neighborhood.

      Really. Jake??

      No one wants to see/read that person HERE, of all places.

    • djangokat on August 29, 2014 at 1:32 am said:

      Ewwwww, Dorit Reiss. I agree with Jen, no one here cares what you think.
      You, Doris, have done nothing but treat us parents of vaccine-injured children with nothing but hate and condescension. Your opinion here means absolutely nothing; in fact, any time you try to *side* with one of us, it’s more of an insult than anything.
      Go back to your Willingham, to your Gorski, to your Offit – the day that you decide to become a real person and do the right thing by standing against one of THEM…you might be viewed as slightly less evil. Might be.
      Until then, stick to your own people and keep your opinions to yourself.

  9. Why would you focus on tittle tattle Jake Crosby… ??

    What are you trying to prove here? It’s just distracting from the bigger picture! Shame on you.

  10. Ellen Mary on August 28, 2014 at 8:27 am said:

    Jake Crosby is the ONE person who I believe puts truth before ideology on either side . . .

  11. vaccine.explorer on August 28, 2014 at 9:19 am said:

    Jake, your making an ass out of yourself. If you are getting compliments from the likes of Dorit Reiss, then you know you are way off..

    Thompson must cover his ass. As a CDC employee he cannot disclose information to outsiders freely. You should know that, Jake. It’s a letter devised with his lawyers assistance, Jake.

    There’s no reason to question’s Wakefield’s integrity.
    What’s most important – he did the right thing exposing Thompson and now Thompson made his historic statement publicly for the world to see.
    Historic – indeed, and all little Jake has to write about is that HE WAS RIGHT, bla, bla… In this tragic day for Reiss and the other pimps, you are the only ray of light. Congrats!

    Shame on you Jake. This will be remembered forever. The historic day in which, finally, a CDC employee admits the truth, is the day when Jake Crosby was busy stabbing knives in the back of the modern-day Galileo.

    • Preach!

    • The CDC guy is a phony whistleblower and it looks like everyone fell for it. I think I said this already. If I say it a million times, will anyone listen? Probably not. That’s the way it goes in the wacky world of autism. The psychological warfare agents are laughing at all of the real parents for being fooled again. I tried.

  12. How do anyone “out” a whistleblower?? Was this guy hoping to be the worlds first anonymous whisleblower?

    This guy knew that the MMR vaccine causing autism in innocent children, and he sat on that information for at least 11 years.

    The only thing he deserves is jail time.

  13. Media Scholar on August 28, 2014 at 1:07 pm said:

    The letter supporting continued vaccination seems contrary to Thompson’s recordings. It sounds like his lawyer wrote it and I no doubt he did. That is what you pay them to do.
    Fat chance.

    For Brian Hooker’s paper, which indicates MMR research fraud, was pulled from publication. Those responsible for that used the same language which the British tabloids used to justify their international spy operation, which includes computer hacking, wire-tapping, etc.

    The publisher’s reasoning for the retraction of Brian Hooker’s paper which indicates MMR research fraud was posted here. When the glaringly obvious language became evidence, it was soften somewhat and an additional posted was comically added on top of the other.

    In the end, we are talking about British spies operating directly under the noses of US Homeland Security, National Security Agency, and, of course, the Central Intelligence Agency.

    I can think of only one such person, who personally wets his pants any time there’s a paper reflecting poorly upon the MMR.

  14. Victory on August 28, 2014 at 4:30 pm said:

    Dorit is attempting to use reverse psychology. This is a tactic used when they try to get people to switch sides, of course it won’t ever work on Jake.

    • Dorit is attempting to use reverse psychology. This is a tactic used when they try to get people to switch sides, of course it won’t ever work on Jake.

      You may wish to revisit the meaning of “reverse psychology.” Complimenting Jake, in this approach, especially given the source, would have been intended to get him to recant his post.

  15. Media Scholar on August 28, 2014 at 6:14 pm said:

    Dorit is attempting to use reverse psychology.
    Maybe Autism Speaks has upped their ante on Skittles, the official junk food of Autism?

  16. Doug Troutman on August 28, 2014 at 10:57 pm said:

    I am really quite taken back by all of this. I think Mr. Thompson should have to answer some questions about who told them to do the phony science. I think Mr. Shoemaker should have been allowed to barbeque Kathleen Siedell on the witness stand a long time ago. We are talking about the maiming of millions of children. Where are the children going to live after their parents are gone? Many of them today live in fecal matter infested group homes. This shouldn’t be just about how the legal system at works. This should be about justice!

  17. When 3% understand that Congress is the enemy that has to be defeated, the rest will follow. This holds true not just for autism but for everything that’s wrong with our country and our planet. So, you should all stop listening to the people who provoke arguments and learn to unite against Congress. Even Dorit can benefit from learning this truth.

    • There are two simple truths here:

      1. There is no scientific proof that ANY vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.
      2. Vaccinated children get autism, while completely unvaccinated children do not.

      Arm the public with those two truths, and two things will happen

      1. The autism epidemic will be stopped
      2. All those responsible… including those in congress, will be dealt with in short order.

      • The Reverend on August 31, 2014 at 3:49 am said:


        In your opinion as a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, is it true that there is no scientific proof that ANY vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind? Is good friend Barry correct? This is the first time I have heard this stated so clearly.

        • I don’t agree with Barry on that.

          • You’re not the first one to disagree with me on that Jake.

            But you could be first one to show me that scientific proof, with an explanation of why it should be accepted as scientific proof.

            Epidemiological studies provide evidence, not proof. No matter how small the uncertainty, epidemiologists can never say with absolutely certainty that the effect they see corresponds to the suspected cause.

            What I’m looking for is the scientific proof that scientists use, to assure themselves that a vaccine is safe and effective before they release it for public use. You know, the stuff that guys like William Thompson couldn’t misrepresent even if they wanted to.

            • Bayareamom on August 31, 2014 at 7:44 pm said:

              I’ve always had my red flag raised whenever I see the words “safe” and “effective” used in conjunction with vaccines/vaccination.

              Here is what Dr. Russell Blaylock has to say about the ‘safety’ and so-called ‘efficacy’ of vaccines:

              …”In the original description of herd immunity, the protection to the population at large occurred only if people contracted the infections naturally. The reason for this is that naturally-acquired immunity lasts for a lifetime. The vaccine proponents quickly latched onto this concept and applied it to vaccine-induced immunity. But, there was one major problem – vaccine-induced immunity lasted for only a relatively short period, from 2 to 10 years at most, and then this applies only to humoral immunity. This is why they began, silently, to suggest boosters for most vaccines, even the common childhood infections such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, and rubella.

              Then they discovered an even greater problem, the boosters were lasting for only 2 years or less. This is why we are now seeing mandates that youth entering colleges have multiple vaccines, even those which they insisted gave lifelong immunity, such as the MMR. The same is being suggested for full-grown adults. Ironically, no one in the media or medical field is asking what is going on. They just accept that it must be done.

              That vaccine-induced herd immunity is mostly myth can be proven quite simply. When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades.

              If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having vaccine protection. That is, herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations.

              When we examine the scientific literature, we find that for many of the vaccines protective immunity was 30 to 40%, meaning that 70% to 60% of the public has been without vaccine protection. Again, this would mean that with a 30% to 40% vaccine-effectiveness rate combined with the fact that most people lost their immune protection within 2 to 10 year of being vaccinated, most of us were without the magical 95% number needed for herd immunity. This is why vaccine defenders insist the vaccines have 95% effectiveness rates…”

              – See more at: http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2012/02/18/the-deadly-impossibility-of-herd-immunity-through-vaccination-by-dr-russell-blaylock/#sthash.ZjRIsE7B.dpuf

              • Bayareamom on August 31, 2014 at 8:05 pm said:

                Personally, I would rather have life-time immunity to disease, rather than the ineffectual, risk bearing ‘efficacy’ related to vaccination.


                “The adaptive immune system has two major branches, cell-mediated and humoral immunity. As mentioned previously, though presented as distinct systems, no part of the immune system works separately. Rather, they all work in a cooperative fashion using cytokines and other means as a communication system.

                B cells mediate humoral immune response, whereas T cells regulate cell-mediated immune response. The CD4 and CD8 (“CD” for cluster differentiation) T-cell subgroups of the cellular immunity branch of the adaptive immune system have different functions and are divided into additional subtypes according to their molecular appearance, cytokine sensitivity and production, and specific functions. These cells form, with each other and with other immune cells, a complex network of communication and immune response that is the basis for the efficiency, flexibility, and longevity of the adaptive immune system.”

                Dr. Blaylock discusses the above at some length in many of his lectures (highly recommended).

                I disagree with Jake. Thus far, in all my research (for almost as many years as Jake is now old), I have NEVER seen any concrete proof that vaccines are either safe or effective – on any level. The level of zealousness I HAVE seen with pro-vaccine propaganda is that the only way to sustain one’s health is via vaccination. That is absolute hogwash.

                Truth is sifting out all around the edges. It is inevitable the consequences of overzealous vaccination will have on a global scale – the catastrophic results are everywhere. Autism is nothing more than toxic immune damage. Period. The level of damage, as we see now with our now 21 year old son, is minimal on the overall spectrum, all the way to the top wherein you will see constant pain, non-verbal/hand flapping, grunting, non-stop type behavior.

                No one has the same immune response to vaccines. This is not a black/white/concrete issue. You cannot blindly vaccinate an entire populous and expect the same outcome for every single individual. There WILL be that subset within the populous who will be/are more susceptible to the damage one would expect to see, given the toxic metals, viral components, etc., found in vaccines. Timing is all important; rapid brain spurt growth occurs DURING THE LAST THREE MONTHS OF PREGNANCY ON UP TO TWO YEARS OF AGE. Thus, the timing when giving these vaccines to young infants’ underdeveloped immune systems, is absolutely critical.

                So – no. I have found, much to my amazement, that vaccines have never been the end all, be all, to health as I’d been conditioned to believe. But hey, if there are those that want to take each and every vaccine the CDC or any governmental agency says is ‘recommended,’ have at it! Just don’t tell me that I have to have a forcibly mandated vaccine enter either my own immune system, or that of my son’s.

                There are much safer, more effective ways to stay healthy, than by vaccinating ourselves repeatedly. And it didn’t take me the Internet to learn this; I used peer reviewed journals and other documentation years before we ever had an in-home computer, as my sources.

                I was shocked when I uncovered this material, but after all these many years, I’m not so surprised any longer re: what I’m seeing with this push to vaccinate every single living thing on this earth. I only hope that others will awaken, as we did with our own son’s vaccine reactions, and do a little homework before you proceed with vaccination for your infants, etc.

            • The Reverend on September 1, 2014 at 4:12 am said:

              Don’t feel bad, please. While Jake doesn’t think that vaccines never prevent dis-ease, I sure that he agrees that vaccinated children get autism, while completely unvaccinated children do not.

              I think vaccines work, in theory, but is it worth it, as they are practiced in reality? I’m not so sure.

              Of course, I am not a scientist. They lie, and I am most upset. My field of study is along a different path.

              Someone will be along soon, I trust, to explain the science. Perhaps Dr. Hooker himself, if we are lucky.

              • No Reverend, no-one will be around to explain the science. Because there isn’t any.

                If there was, that would be the most logical place for a vaccine defender to start. Instead, it’s the one question that each and every one of them will avoid at all cost.

                When it comes to vaccine science, the emperor has no clothes. Never has. And one of the most excruciating parts about that for me, is knowing that my perfectly healthy son was maimed for life, by what is nothing more than the sickest hoax in the history of mankind.

                And all this nonsense about whistelblowers… and the supposed etiquette for outing one (…??!!), is just another stunt meant to distract us for what they have done to our children.

                Our beautiful, innocent, defenseless children.

                THAT is the betrayal that needs to be dealt with.

  18. Andrew Wakefield lied. Jake was right. It’s just as simple as that.

  19. It’s really just sad. They had a nice pocket card and misplayed the hand. Once again the Autism community turns out to be their own worst enemy. It’s frustrating to see it happen again and again as the real message ends up lost.

    Sad. Just sad.

  20. Spuddy on August 29, 2014 at 2:05 pm said:

    Wakefield lied?? I am shocked!! Has he ever been caught lying before?

  21. Media Scholar on August 29, 2014 at 6:52 pm said:

    Wakefield lied?? I am shocked!! Has he ever been caught lying before?
    Having the research team bail out on you as the result of unfair and inappropriate pressure is not the same as lying.

    Wakefield’s paper sat as a sleeping dog for about five years prior to a band of vaccine-manufacturing drug giant PLUMBERS attempting to fix a leak.

    As with Nixon’s “plumbers” these total vaccine-manufacturing drug giant bolt-necks fail to understand the opposite of confessing wrong and making things right just makes it worse and worse and worse.

    We will see that the cover-up route does a disservice to public interests.

  22. White Rose on August 30, 2014 at 6:37 pm said:

    Where is Rebecca Fischer today ? more problems appearing with the US\UK mass international vaccine program I understand. This time the mass hysteria is in Columbia , coincidentally after the Gardasil\ZyklonB , 200+ girls very unwell.

    The reputation of the free West is more at risk now than the fraudulent invasion of Iraq and the search for the weapons of mass invisibility . And race war (which is what the elite fear most is closer than ever – and electing a never heard of before Kenyan to the top post wont work this time).

    And about those Weapons of mass of mass destruction . We have found them , VMDs , Vaccines of mass destruction .

    So I notice all of a sudden , everyone at AoA is willing to converse again .
    If it wasn’t for AI and a true determination to expose the Pharma led holocaust , we would be debating yet more sympathy stories about some rare savant who can play the piano or one more tragic story of a late teenager with just a few words in his vocabulary (there are surely 40+ million of them by now !)
    What does the Blaxman think of all this ? Perhaps feeling a little left out ? a serious challenge to the vaccine fraud that he personally didn’t scupper ?
    Dan Burns ? Ginger ? John DS ?
    This is how you run a proper campaign of resistance , do you see how its done ? the escalation , the ramping up . Writing to the BMJ doesn’t work JohnDS – pointless !
    Dorritt the ferret has come to us – as they all will . No-one is interested in what Orac has to say ! Or science based medicine , or left brain right brain rubbish . When you run a proper serious campaign these mercenaries will have to come to us . Where is the LieLady out of interest ?

    All those involved on the periphery , beware , compensation was yesterdays news , but prosecutions is what those seriously involved in this DEMAND today .

    Warning to the Pharma , we fully expect more honest people to come forward , cant wait in fact .

  23. Independent Observer on September 3, 2014 at 2:58 am said:

    Why are you lying to us, Jake? Here the whislteblwer apologises to Dr. Wakefield: http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/09/text-message-confirms-cdcwhistleblower-apology-to-wakefield-for-cdc-mmr-cover-up.html

    Doesn’t sound like somethign a betrayed person would do does it?

  24. Media Scholar on September 3, 2014 at 6:36 pm said:

    Why are you lying to us, Jake? Here the whislteblwer apologises to Dr. Wakefield
    The more important question is why is Andrew Wakefield neurotic enough to NOT keep the so called man to man text exchange confidential?

    The orchestration of this continuous pity party is endless. What’s next? Nude selfies of Wakefield, Tim Bolen, Brian Deer, and the CDC whistle-blower in a Turkish steam room?

    The question is why is Wakefield bombastically commandeering the media spotlight to once again focus on his so called martyrdom and steering the course further and further away from the innocent babies harmed by not only foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giants, but by gross errors in judgment, desertion, and ultimate abuse of power?

    There will always be those who somehow manage to thumb the scale in favor of Wakefield despite the fact that the cost of his never-ending saga of personal vindication necessitates throwing the obtusely out of balance scale further and further away from the actual victims. Focusing on himself is something that pleases the foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giant each and every time.

    You would think once in a while Wakefield would release his over-bearing death-grip on vaccine-injured families long enough to actually do something to defend himself in the process of clearing his name in places where it really matters. Wakefield’s publicity stunts do no good. His antics make our children ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES the victims of vaccine injury.

    Again, people that lack vindication tend to be vindictive.

    This includes all the Combating Autism Act beneficiaries, who are ridden with the kind of nightmarish guilt only a traitor like Benedict Arnold could respect. Every time you break a big, fat bill from your wad of US government hush money, may God replace the face of a dead president with the face of one of our deserted children.

    The bigger question is why are we still talking about this and not reversing course to compensate families continuously neglected and brushed aside by just about everybody.

    Isn’t this why Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust?


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  30. Michael on August 13, 2016 at 4:21 pm said:

    Attack the messenger is so old. I have no sympathy for Dr. Thompson. He sat by for years as thousands of children were destroyed.

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